Independent Consultant in Health Education with three decades’ experience in:
education and training;
working with young people in education and public health settings;
participating in consultation activity to advise ministers and civil servants on national policies, in the UK and abroad;
membership of project teams to develop local, national and regional strategies
collaborating with colleagues to produce guidance and papers;
providing editorial assistance to authors and journal editors;
co-editing a peer reviewed journal.

Career Experience and Achievements.

September 2020: Member of ISAJE (International Society of Addiction Journal Editors) Board

May 2019: Attended International Society of the Study of Drugs Policy annual conference, Paris.

March 2019: Attended High Level Review and Commission on Narcotic Drugs meetings at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Vienna.

September 2018: Delegate to City Health International Conference, Odesa, Ukraine.

August 2018: Participant in International Society of Addiction Journal Editors annual meeting, Prague.

July 2018: Presentation on International Drug Policy and the United Nations: United Nations Association, Warwick Branch, Leamington Spa.

May 2018: Participant and presenter, New DrugScapes: NPS Two Years On, Oxford Brookes University.

May 2017 – December 2018: Co-Editor with Dr. Axel Klein of book entitled Collapse of the global order on drugs: from UNGASS 2016 to High Level Review 2019.

June 2017 – ONGOING: Co-editor of book provisionally entitled After UNGASS: International Drug Control in Flux: Towards 2019 and beyond

June 2015 – February 2017: Appointed member of Public Health Advisory Committee on drug misuse prevention at NICE, the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence.

October 2014 – December 2016: Co-author, Health Education Curriculum, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville.

May 2014 – ONGOING: Co-editor, Drugs and Alcohol Today.

April 2014: Third visit to Copenhagen to up-date on drug policy and practice; attend opening event introducing Fixelance 1 as part of Danish National Museum exhibits; meet members of Skane (S W Sweden) Drug Users Union.

March 2014 – ON-GOING: First Round-table at Liverpool John Moore’s University for second phase of European Drug Prevention Quality Standards.

November 2013 – January 2014: Supporting South Park Primary School, Redbridge, London, in reviewing and revising the school’s programme and policy of Sex and Relationships Education.

October 2013 – ON GOING: Editorial assistance in planning and preparation of themed issue of Drugs and Alcohol Today on Users’ Voice

October – November 2013: Second visit to Copenhagen to look at local drugs policy and practice. Visit included conversations with staff and users at Mændenes Hjem, site of the second building-based consumption room in Copenhagen; BrugerForeningen (the Danish Drug Users’ Union;) the (then) deputy mayor for social affairs, Copenhagen City Council; GadeJuristen (Street Lawyers); and social entrepreneur Michael Lodberg Olsen.

January – February 2013: Planning and presentation of seminar on monitoring and evaluation, The Thoughtful Path Munsieville community development programme, Johannesburg, S Africa, for Project HOPE UK.

October 2012 – ON GOING: Book Reviews Editor, Drugs and Alcohol Today.

November 2011 – December 2012: Member of Steering Group, Rebound UK drug prevention programme.

May – December 2010: Commissioned by Innovation with Substance and Southampton Healthy Schools, UK, to develop drug education materials for schools and for PSHE CPD Certificate course participants.

March – November 2010: Commissioned by Womankind Worldwide to undertake curriculum review and writing of guidance for schools on gender equality and raising awareness of violence against women.

March 2010 – March 2013: Member of governing body, Chisenhale Primary School, Tower Hamlets, London.

February – November 2010: Participant in Delphi survey and seminar programme; member of Advisory Group to inform the development of European Drug Prevention Quality Standards for the Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University/ EMCDDA. Included presentation of workshop on ethics and drug prevention at dissemination conference held in Budapest, Hungary, November 2010.

October 2009: First seminar, school sex education, Samara regional government, Russian Federation.

January 2009: Retained as consultant for programme of school sex education ages 6 – 15, Samara, Russian Federation.

January 2009- ON-GOING: Peer reviewer for Drugs: Education, Policy and Prevention; book reviewer and peer reviewer for Sex Education.

March 2008 – October 2009: Retained as tutor on PSHE accreditation course for teachers and other professionals, retained as consultant for school support; local policy and practice development, PSHE and Healthy Schools, Tower Hamlets Children’s Services.

January – May 2008: Commissioned to write legal background chapter for DrugScope ‘Essentials’ guidance.

September 2007 – March 2015: Book Reviews Editor for DrugLink.

July 2007 – October 2007: Member of working group exploring future of DrugScope library..

May – July 2007: Commissioned to assist in review of Arrest Referral Scheme, City of London Drug Action Team.

March 2007 – July 2008: Retained as tutor on PSHE accreditation course for teachers and community nurses, Tower Hamlets Children’s Services, London.

March 2007 – ON GOING: Appointed Visiting Lecturer, Department of Education, King’s College London.

February – September 2007: Consultant to d:side, Children in Crisis secondary school drug education project, Southwark, London.

December 2006 – January 2007: Evaluator, Elton John AIDS Foundation funded HIV/AIDS Education Project, Russia.

September 2006 – December 2009: Contributer and lecturer, Department of Professional Studies, Kings College, London.

July 2006 – April 2007: Tutor on PSHE accreditation course for teachers and community nurses; retained as consultant for school support, local policy and practice development, Tower Hamlets Children’s Services.

February – July 2006: Commissioned to write Testing on Arrest protocols -‘Tough Choices’ -for City of London Drug Action Team.

January – April 2006: Consultant with Alcohol Concern/Ranzetta Consulting: 1. conducting research on alcohol issues affecting young people for Hackney Health Scrutiny Commission. 2. development of an alcohol strategy for the London Borough of Lewisham.

July 2005 – April 2006: Tutor on PSHE accreditation course for teachers in Tower Hamlets LEA, London.

July 2005: Commissioned by Merton LEA to assess schools applying for Healthy School status.

October 2004: Study visit to Lippe district, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, to look at local drug treatment agencies; and national drug legislation and policies.

July 2004 – April 2005: Retained by Corporation of London Drug Action Team to write Home Office drugs, crime and disorder audit; local directory of services for drug users and homeless people; local strategy.

March 2004 – March 2005: Retained by Project HOPE UK for consultancy assistance in HIV/AIDS education project development.

January 2004 – June 2006: Retained by Project HOPE Moscow as external consultant and writer on HIV/AIDS education project.

October 2003 – January 2005: Commissioned by Merton LEA to manage secondary school Drug Education Training Project.

August 2003 – January 2004: Commissioned by Corporation of London youth service to develop staff and client guidance on sexual health and substance use; and accompanying training programme.

April 2003 – December 2004: Manager, East London Well Being in Schools emotional well-being project funded by Lord Mayor’s Fund

March 2003 – January 2005: Retained by Croydon LEA to continue to support healthy schools work.

January 2003: Participant in Seminar “The practice of rights in education: the renewed commitment to human rights education”: UNESCO Paris: on behalf of King’s College London.

October – December 2002: Recruited by Carl Bro Gruppen, Copenhagen, as Health Education lead for consortium bidding for EU-TACIS project to develop a healthy schoolsscheme for the Russian Federation.

October 2002 – October 2009: Retained by Tower Hamlets LEA to provide consultancy support for schools and LEA on sex and relationships education policy writing and curriculum provision; development of local guidance and protocols; production of faith and culture sensitive teaching materials.

July 2002 – March 2004: Retained by Corporation of London Education Services to develop outreach social inclusion project; and assist in making provision for counselling support for primary age pupils.

January – July 2002: Needs Assessment Report for young people’s substance misuse services; writing of Young People’s Service Plan: Harrow Drug Action Team.

January – July 2002: Monitoring and review of school drug education policies and practice, Croydon LEA.

August – November 2001: Planner for study tour to London by Centerlederforeningen and Narkotika Rådet, Denmark.

July 2001 – February 2002: Needs Assessment Report for young people’s substance misuse services; writing of Young People’s Service Plan: Corporation of London Drug Action Team.

March 2001 – October 2002: Life Skills consultant and trainer, Babylon young people’s project, UNICEF, Skopje, Macedonia.

January 2001 – March 2002: External consultant Project HOPE Moscow/Ukraine drug education in schools work.

January 2001 – July 2003: Education and Young People expert, European Union/Transatlantic House Agreement/British Council HIV/AIDS Awareness Project, Ukraine.

November 2000: Study visit to Denmark including:

  • Ribe Amt Center for Stofmisbrug
  • Narkotika Rådet – Drugs Council – of the Ministry for Social Affairs, where I gave a presentation to the first meeting of the Drugs and Young People working group
  • Denmark’s Paedagogical University
  • World Health Organisation Regional Office – European Network of Health Promoting Schools

October 2000 – April 2001: Commissioned to review and advise on secondary schools drug education policy and practice, Richmond and Kingston-upon-Thames Local Education Authorities, London.

May 2000: Unit teacher, Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies, Imperial College, London.

April 2000 – March 2001: Commissioned by Redbridge, London, LEA to write primary school drug education guidelines.

March 2000: Organiser and presenter, Lambeth Headteachers Conference on Citizenship.

November 1999 – August 2000: Schools and education consultant, Changing Minds Mental Illness Awareness Project, Camden, London.

November 1999 – January 2000: Consultancy, Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham Drug Action Team to complete 2000/2001 Template for UK Anti-Drugs Co-ordination Unit and organise DAT 2000 Conference.

October 1999 – January 2005: Retained as Consultant to Healthy Schools Scheme, Croydon Education Authority.

September 1999 – August 2004: Retained as Consultant to Healthy Schools Scheme, Corporation of London Education Authority.

September 1999 – July 2001: PSHE and Citizenship teacher and tutor, ITT, INSET & MA programmes, King’s College, London.

September 1999: Registered with EU-TACIS Central Consultancy Register, CCR no. 100250.

July 1999: Author, MSc. distance learning package unit, Centre for Research on Drugs & Health Behaviour, Imperial College, London.

July 1999: Represented Association of Teachers and Lecturers in QCA PSHE & Citizenship consultation.

November 1998 – April 1999: Drug education consultant, Lewisham Education Department; health education consultant, Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham Health Authority-funded Healthier School Partnership Project.

July 1998 – October 2000: Drug education and prevention consultant with Focus Consultancy, UK, for EU TACIS-Bistro funded project to develop local health partnerships in Kaliningrad, Tula, Perm and Samara, Russian Federation.

May 1998 – March 2002: External consultant, Project HOPE Moscow Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Programme teaching materials for 7 – 11 year old school pupils in Moscow and the Russian Federation.

April 1998: Study visit to Young People’s Substance Misuse Centre, Esbjerg, Denmark.

March – July 1998: Consultant to consortium of Lambeth nursery schools to develop a Personal Social and Health Education policy, including sex education.

March – April 1998: School monitoring, Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham Healthier Schools Partnership Project.

March 1998 – June 1999: Author of handbook to accompany London Governor Training Group drug-education training resource; presentation at launch event.

March 1998: Reader for and contributor to Volatile Issues: teaching materials on VSA for Key Stage 3 pupils, Tacade.

January – March 1998: Planning and provision of GEST-funded anti-bullying, drug education and child protection training and consultancy to schools for Lambeth Education Department, London.

September 1997 – July 1998: Joint planning and management of GEST-funded project extending effective learning in drug education in Lambeth and Lewisham schools – “Teachers Do Drugs.”

1994 – 2001: Drug Education trainer for school involvement officers, Metropolitan Police Service, London.

November 1996 – January 1999: Chair, Drug Education Forum, National Children’s Bureau, London.

October 1996: Joint planner, host and interpreter for study visit to south London drug education and prevention projects by Ribe Amt Substance Misuse Centre, Esbjerg, Denmark.

June 1 1992 – December 31 1997: Advisory Teacher for Health Education, Lambeth Education Department, London.

Duties, responsibilities and achievements included:

  • May – December 1997: Member of writing group up-dating child protection guidelines for Lambeth Education Service.
  • September 1996 – May 1997: Writing and publication of Preventing & Responding to Bullying: guidelines for Lambeth Education
  • April 1996 – December 1997: Member of advisory committee, Brixton Drug Project, London.
  • 1996: Member of steering group for Skills for the Primary School Child 4: Substance and solution: Tacade/Department of Health/British Aerosol Manufacturers Association.
  • October 1995 – December 1997: LED representative on Lambeth Drug Reference Group.
  • July 1995 – September 1996: Planning and presentation jointly with Safer Brixton Project and Metropolitan Police Service of cross-agency conference on bullying in schools, Lambeth.
  • July 1995 – December 1997: Lambeth Counselling in Schools Project: project development and fund-raising.
  • 1995: Convenor and consultant, working party on sex education guidelines, Lambeth Education Dept.
  • 1994 – 1997: Contributor to Sex Education Forum seminars and consultations leading to publication of papers and fact-sheets on sex education and boys.
  • 1994: Steering group member for Drug Education for School Governors training materials: Tacade/ Home Office Drug Prevention Initiative.
  • 1993 – 1995: Research, development, writing and publication of Drug Education and Policy Guidelines for Lambeth Schools; Drug Studies teaching packs Key Stages 2 & 3, with Lambeth Drug Prevention Team, Metropolitan Police Service.
  • September 1993 – March 1995: Chair of Local Advisory Group, Lambeth Drug Prevention Team.
  • Autumn 1994: Called to give evidence on drug education and prevention to Central Drug Co-ordinating Unit staff preparing Green Paper Tackling Drugs Together.
  • December 1992 – December 1997: Member of Advisory Group: Lambeth Southwark and Lewisham Health Authority-funded Healthier School Partnership Project.

September 1988 – March 1992: Permanent supply teacher, Dunraven Secondary School, Lambeth, London.

September 1983 – August 1988: Pastoral Curriculum Co-ordinator and form tutor, Lilian Baylis Secondary School, London .

May 1978 – July 1981: Chair, Youth Project Management Committee, Blackfriars Settlement, London SE1.

April 1974 – August 1980: Part-time volunteer youth worker, Blackfriars Settlement Youth Project, London SE1.

November 1973 – July 1983: Form Teacher, Beaufoy Boys Secondary School, Kennington, London .


September 1993 – July 1995:

University of London Institute of Education post-graduate studies. London University M. A. (Education) awarded.

September 1990 – July 1991:

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham/King’s College, University of London health education course. King’s College Certificate in Health Education awarded.

September 1974 – July 1975:

Maria Gray College, Twickenham, Middlesex. London University Post-Graduate Certificate in Education awarded.

1970 – 1973:

Thames Polytechnic, London. Social Sciences degree course. London University B. Sc. (Economics) awarded.

Other professional development

September 1985 – July 1988:

South West London College Counselling Skills course (part-time.) South West London College Diploma in Counselling Skills awarded.

1979 – 1990:

Involvement with Inner London Education Authority Health Education Team and its pre-cursor Lambeth Health Education Project as course member/tutor/leader/planner, school consultant for personal social and health education and tutorial work. This included contributing to the development of the teaching pack ‘Decisions for Health.’

Other skills: Languages:

Danish: Fluent (second language)

Norwegian: Competent reading ability

German: Competent conversational and reading ability

French: Reading ability

The clarity of my British English is much commented on and appreciated by colleagues whose first language is not English.