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I work as a prevention specialist and an Independent Consultant in Health Education - an education and public health combination. My areas of expertise include substance use, sexual health, bullying and child protection. My focus has been young people in education and public health settings, formal and informal. This role is informed by more than three decades of work, experience, reflection and learning, in the UK and elsewhere..

Most recently I have extended my activities into wider public health and social policy issues, particularly substance use. This is increasingly focussed on writing and editing, making use of my experience and learning, and benefitting from the extension of my professional networks into universities and other research institutions, and specialist journals' editorial boards.

I remain interested in and open to invitations to apply or bid for work which fits my skills and experience profiles, centred on young people's needs around substance use, sexual health and emotional health and well-being. My UK experience in these areas has been with schools, local education authorities, children's services, primary care trusts, drug and alcohol action teams, voluntary organisations, police services and other agencies.

I continue to have a keen interest in work in eastern Europe, particularly the countries which come under the EU's TACIS umbrella, where I have worked on projects funded by the EU, the World Bank, UNICEF and NGOs; and Denmark.

Key Skills and experience:
· summarising current professional research, opinion and developments
· providing information, advice, support and encouragement - to practitioners and managers
· advising on public health issues relevant to sexual health and substance use, in the UK and abroad
· assisting colleagues in other countries to assess and evaluate UK practice and research in order to inform and develop their own practice

· assisting colleagues, in the UK and elsewhere, to access and use the growing evidence base around prevention and health promotion

- project development
· conducting local needs assessment and research and interview programmes
· interpreting legislation and guidance into practice
· assisting school policy development and curriculum planning
· integrating curriculum issues into institutional practice
· informing schools and other agencies of the situations young people are in
· integrating school and organisational policy and practice
· peer reviewing papers for specialist journals

- providing editorial assistance to journal editors



Phone: +44 0)20 7733 7194

Mobile: +44(0)7720 438 442

E-mail: blaine@healthed.demon.co.uk

Post: 42 Dalyell Road, London SW9 9QR, UK


Photo this page: By UNICEF vehicle at Skopje airport after Babylon youth project training seminar, September 2001.

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